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On Fathers and Fatherhood: An Engineer’s Perspective

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we take the opportunity to recognize the contributions that fathers and father figures make on their families’ lives every day. Fathers influence their children endlessly in… Read More

Embracing Innovation to Serve Patients Now

Since the pandemic began, the health care industry has been transformed. Patients are asserting themselves more than ever and calling on health care providers to deliver solutions they need in real time. … Read More

6 Ways to Cultivate the Next Generation of Engineers

The Society of Women in Engineering reports that only 13 percent of engineers are women. Although the number of women engineers in the workforce has grown, women working in STEM fields still… Read More

AI Report: How Machine Learning is Changing the Medical Device Industry

How are artificial intelligence and machine learning transforming medical devices? The FDA reports that these technologies have the potential to transform health care and the medical device industry. There are both benefits… Read More

A Balanced Living: How ASG Encourages Employees to Be their Best at Work and Home

Now that we’ve all returned to our usual work routines, we may be feeling the familiar pressure of balancing work and home. That’s why now is a good time to reflect on… Read More

The Latest from the FDA on Real-World Data and Real-World Evidence

Data has been changing and influencing how we gather and use information to improve our lives. This is, in part, because the technology used to store patient data such as computers, mobile… Read More

Creating a Candid Culture

At ASG, we recognize and celebrate the potential of everyone we work with. That philosophy extends to our team as well as our clients. We believe that transparency and open communication give… Read More

Talking about the Boss: ASG Employees Chime in on ASG’s Leader Doug Koeneman

“Doug is fair and transparent. He makes his expectations clear and lets us manage our own workflows. No matter how busy he is, he consults with me if I find myself in… Read More

Embracing Change: Keeping up with new demands for medical devices

The demand for medical devices has continued to grow as technology has advanced. As times change, demands change, and medical device manufacturers have rapidly adapted in the past few years. Several factors… Read More

Dirty Hands, Open Mind

Dale Hrachovec is a builder and problem-solver. He puts his background in electrical engineering and experience in industrial automation to work to help ASG clients accelerate their project cycles and cut down… Read More

Everyday Innovation: Solving Problems, Creating Systems

Even though the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us, health care supply chains are still under strain. Yet the challenges have also resulted in innovations that benefit everyone in the… Read More

Risks, Regulations and Rewards

Whatever the parameters of a project, we find a way to get it done. Logan Metzger is a solutionist. On the second episode of “The ASG Way: A Podcast for Solutionists,” he… Read More

The Joy of Solving Problems

Marilyn Reuter is a technical writer — and so much more. While at ASG, she’s served as a project engineer and worked in risk management. Marilyn’s versatility and competence have earned her… Read More

The Future of 3D Printing

Advances in 3D printing are capturing the attention of people in the health care field. Why? Because “3D printing does so much to improve medical devices,” said Logan Metzger, ASG Engineer. “Doctors… Read More

Racecar Seats, Peanut Butter and Constant Questions

Every day I’m learning a little bit, or a lot, about how things work and how they connect logically. — ASG Engineer Suna Sibi In Suna Sibi’s engineering career, she’s designed seats… Read More

3 Ways ASG Will Keep Going and Growing

It’s the first anniversary of the Covid-19 shutdown, and Doug Koeneman, ASG’s co-founder, principal and senior consultant, has been reflecting on the past year. He’s proud of how his team has risen… Read More

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Thrive in the Age of Zoom

Working with other people can be challenging. Exercising emotional intelligence and fostering collaborative relationships is a vital part of life and work. ASG Co-founder Doug Austrom honed his people skills as a… Read More

The Challenge of Scaling Up

Moderna has the most sought-after vaccine, due to easy storage, and they plan to produce between 500 million and 1 billion doses during 2021. The challenge will be scaling up production to… Read More

Transformed by Technology

Cybersecurity. Robotics. Virtual reality. These technologies have been making an impact on the health care industry for years. They are transforming the medical device industry by offering new and better ways to… Read More

Perfect Partners: ASG’s Onna and Doug Koeneman

Onna and Doug Koeneman have been a team — and a married couple — for years. Their relationship reached a new level in 2019 when they joined forces at ASG. Doug, who… Read More

Covid-19 Field Hospital

Looking to the Frontlines of Health Care for Lessons in Managing Change

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and the business climate remains uncertain, leaders in the medical device industry are looking for tools and insights to help them manage the changing workplace. Some… Read More

Keeping Patients and their Information Safe from Cyberthreats

As technology advances, ensuring cybersecurity in medical devices becomes more and more important. Technologies like implanted heart devices and glucose meters that can be monitored remotely are more vulnerable to cybersecurity risks.… Read More

5 Reasons Why ASG is a Great Place to Work

At ASG, we’re serious about the work we do, and we seriously enjoy our jobs. Everything we do is intentional and important. We’re passionate about our business and the industries we serve,… Read More

Keeping Animals Out of the Lab

New research shows that using reconstructed human epidermis models for irritation testing is an acceptable replacement for intracutaneous irritation tests on rabbits. This new tissue model can detect the presence of strong… Read More

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