Product and Manufacturing Engineering

Using a systems engineering approach, we guide you to develop and execute a structured process, ensuring systems are scalable, robust, well controlled and in compliance.

Bringing successful products to market in the volumes needed to meet demand is a time-consuming, high-risk proposition. We help you drive the process — from determining user needs to product validation. We begin by getting all systems under control. Then we go deeper, ensuring systems are well designed and working together to provide value.

At ASG, we specialize in manufacturing engineering for regulated industries, especially the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our technical resources, people and work processes empower your teams to focus on doing the right work at the right time to achieve reliable results. This leads to shortening timelines — and improving the bottom line.

Our approach to engineering benefits you by:

  • Connecting value to technical processes: We stay on the cutting edge of best practices in systems engineering by supporting the International Council on Systems Engineering and the emerging practice of model-based patterns. We connect stakeholder value to technical processes through both project processes and design of the top-level system.
  • Translating so everyone can understand: We move projects forward by ensuring that team members understand each other and respond in a timely way.
  • Advocating for requirements as they’re implemented: We advocate for features and requirements as they’re implemented through the functional design — for top-level systems, all subsystems and their integration, with special attention to how people and systems interact.
  • Stewarding Good Engineering Practices: We steward the functional design and Good Engineering Practices used to realize the detailed design and demonstrate outcomes — all while progressively bringing the subsystems and system under a rational state of control in support of verification and validation. Using our model, compliance is built in — not something you add on.
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Manufacturing Engineering Process
We help you drive the process — from determining user needs to product validation.
Success is doing as much or as little as needed to deliver the results for our clients. Failure is doing it in a way that our clients cannot do themselves the next time around.

Doug Koeneman, Principal and Senior Consultant