3 Ways ASG Will Keep Going and Growing

It’s the first anniversary of the Covid-19 shutdown, and Doug Koeneman, ASG’s co-founder, principal and senior consultant, has been reflecting on the past year. He’s proud of how his team has risen to all the challenges. “It’s rewarding to serve our clients, especially now,” Doug says. “They’re doing so many great things.” To meet clients’ needs, ASG actually grew in 2020.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of this year? ASG plans to continue to serve its clients by cultivating a collaborative culture where everybody wins. Here are a few of the initiatives Doug and the ASG team have sketched out.

A fresh perspective

For 2021, ASG has updated its mission to: We deliver integrated business and science solutions for healthier, safer, more prosperous communities. This new mission statement lines up directly with the core values of the company: service, client success, curiosity, respect, integrity and accountability. “Our core mission is what’s driving us,” Doug says. “We want to constantly improve our business, clients and community.”

An agile mindset

ASG has built its business around being agile. “We always seek to improve the quality of our work and to create high performance teams,” Doug says. You’ll see this focus continue into the new year. “Working in an agile way will deliver tangible and sustainable results for our clients.”

“This way of working is not a soft skill; it’s hard technical work,” Doug says. “We’re committed to bringing an agile framework and philosophy to our teams and our clients.”

Cultivating a collaborative culture

The concept of “just culture” helps create balanced accountability for both people and organizations. It applies the engineering principle of systems thinking, which helps ensure systems are safe and reliable. People make mistakes, and mistakes can cause accidents. Sometimes systems perpetuate problems rather than fixing them. At ASG we’re creating a culture where we focus on solving problems.

“As an organization, we want to be responsive to the needs of both our clients and our team members,” says Doug. “We want to build the type of organization that we’re all proud to be part of.”