The quality, commitment and talent of our employees set us apart from other process management groups.

At ASG we’re proud of our team of experts in business process management and manufacturing engineering. We hire top-level professionals as program managers, engineers, cost controllers, schedulers, materials managers and technical writers, and we expect each one to perform a topnotch, professional job. With this personal accountability comes empowerment. Employees use the skills for which they were hired — and acquire many more on the job. Learn more about ASG careers.

ASG and our clients benefit when our employees learn new skills. That’s why we invest in the personal growth of all our employees and encourage mentorship, continued training and a friendly, cooperative atmosphere.

Our employees enjoy spending time together, but that isn’t always possible when working remotely at various client sites. So often they will lunch together or hang out after work once a month for dinner and drinks. Sometimes they celebrate special accomplishments with a mixer on the ASG rooftop patio.

  • Rule No. 1
    Use your best judgment.
  • Rule No. 2
    When in doubt, see Rule No. 1.
The ASG Code of Conduct
Work perk: Our rooftop patio at The Stutz Building