Embracing Innovation to Serve Patients Now

Since the pandemic began, the health care industry has been transformed. Patients are asserting themselves more than ever and calling on health care providers to deliver solutions they need in real time. 

The digital front door has opened. Patients now expect:

  • Digital data access such as the opportunity to obtain medical records
  • Portable medical devices and telehealth such as MRIs and hand-held ultrasounds 
  • New digital options to communicate with professionals for specific conditions such as diabetes 
  • Opportunities to advocate for care such as patients advocating for the focus on health and wellness 
Professor Rita McGrath

To prepare for the transformation, health care companies need to start innovating now.

At a Health + Wealth of America conference hosted by CDX, Techonomy and Worth Magazine earlier this year, Columbia Business School Strategy & Innovation Professor Rita McGrath and Ritesh Patel from FINN Partners discussed the future of health and wellness innovation. 

According to McGrath and Patel, companies can start by:

  • Planning an agenda
  • Establishing a corporate central hub or CoE (Center of Excellence) 
  • Engaging with the patients 
Ritesh Patel

Learn more about innovation in this video from Drew Ianni: https://dxdaily.com/2022/01/rita-mcgrath-ritesh-patel-on-the-future-of-health-innovation/