Strategic Planning

When you align your people and culture with your business strategy and get everyone working toward the same goal, you’re poised to achieve levels of performance that make a powerful impact on your customers and marketplace.

To help you succeed in an increasingly complex environment, we identify and seek to understand your pain points. Then we help ease your pain by building a strategy that incorporates effective program management, systems engineering and change management.

At ASG, we specialize in strategic planning for organizations in regulated industries, especially the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Using a systematic approach, we collaborate within and without your organization to increase your capacity and make room for innovation. This keeps your commercialization and supporting capacities off the critical path so you can satisfy your business commitments.

We help you achieve your strategic goals by:

  • Ensuring organizational strategies and tactics are translated effectively into action
  • Creating a dynamic organization with a structure that empowers your team to consistently deliver value
  • Identifying and removing barriers to organizational success
  • Following lean and agile best practices to ensure your results align with your business objectives
  • Working holistically to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Supporting your senior leadership
  • 46%
    Leaders who believe their organization is good at implementing strategy
  • 67%
    Well-formulated strategies that fail due to poor execution
Source: Bridges Business Consultancy Strategy Implementation Survey, 2016
Delivering results is about more than knowing how to put a round peg into a round hole. It’s about knowing why that hole is there, what kind of peg needs to go into it, and the timing of when that needs to happen.

Doug Koeneman, Principal and Senior Consultant