Adjutant Solutions Group, now known as ASG, began with a promise to bring clients customized solutions for managing risk, systems and change.

ASG, originally known as Adjutant Solutions Group, evolved in 2012 from the leadership of three partners with decades of systems engineering and business process management experience among them.

Doug Koeneman, Douglas Austrom and Pete Howard had already successfully counseled hundreds of individuals and businesses on process development, including regional, national and international organizations, both for-profits and not-for-profits.

Each founder brought to the table a distinct style and experience, and when they formed ASG, they developed The ASG Way — a unique roadmap for success. Their model offered clients customized solutions that accelerated the implementation of strategic, cultural and technological changes.

In addition to helping clients succeed, ASG itself has thrived. The company has grown at a rate of 20% in the past five years and has maintained a 99.4% employee retention rate since it was founded.

  • 11
    U.S. patents held by ASG team members
  • 20%
    Growth rate over the past five years
Geodesic Dome
Like a geodesic dome that gives structural strength using a minimum of materials, ASG provides the right approach, resources and structure — as much or as little as is needed.

Immerse, Adapt, Transform

A skilled engineer with vast international business experience, founding partner Doug Koeneman describes his philosophy for ASG’s core operations in three words: immerse, adapt and transform. “We immerse ourselves in context, then adapt,” he says.
“We figure out where the client needs to go, and then we work within the situation to meet the challenges of today and help prepare for the future.” Learn more about Doug.

The ASG Value Proposition is our promise to help clients as they develop, scale-up and validate drug delivery systems by:

  • Doing the right things at the right times with the right resources
  • Achieving their quality, schedule and cost goals
Our growth has been driven by several factors, including building a deep bench so we have work-life balance. Our goal is to be really good at what we do, while developing a stellar environment for learning and contributing time and talents that are both valued and valuable.

Doug Koeneman, Principal and Senior Consultant