Talking about the Boss: ASG Employees Chime in on ASG’s Leader Doug Koeneman

In celebration of Boss’s Day, we asked ASG employees to share what they love about their leader. Here’s what three of them had to say about ASG Co-founder, Principal, and Senior Consultant Doug Koeneman.

ASG Engineer Suna Sibi

“Doug is fair and transparent. He makes his expectations clear and lets us manage our own workflows. No matter how busy he is, he consults with me if I find myself in a tough spot.”
— Suna 

“Doug is always a step or two ahead. We’ve had many conversations about my future and the future for ASG. He always seems to be thinking down the road about how we can better serve our customers.”   — Tyler Bouslog

ASG Engineer Tyler Bouslog

ASG Lab Manager Kelsey Labens

“Doug’s goal is to ensure ASG employees are happy in our jobs. If something goes awry, Doug will go the extra mile to make sure we have the tools to fix the issue. He is very accommodating, and it’s clear he cares about having a personal relationship with his employees.” — Kelsey Labens