A Balanced Living: How ASG Encourages Employees to Be their Best at Work and Home

Now that we’ve all returned to our usual work routines, we may be feeling the familiar pressure of balancing work and home. That’s why now is a good time to reflect on our priorities. We asked ASG employees to share how they balance work and life. Here’s what they had to say.

“I try to make time to go on walks with my wife. Working remotely most of the week helps with that.” — Benjamin Acre, Engineer

Benjamin Acre makes time to bake and go on walks with his wife, Shania.

“ASG leaders check in on my well-being and workload and always offer help if I’m feeling overwhelmed.”  — Kelsey Labens, Lab Manager

“I make sure I take breaks when I need to and don’t spend too much extra time on the laptop.” — Ryan Straughn, Engineer

“I usually try to begin working early so I can also finish early and spend time each evening with my daughter.” — Tyler Bouslog, Materials Manager 

Jacob Keith works alongside his dog, Obi.

“ASG is really flexible and allows us to pursue things in our personal lives. It’s a fantastic benefit to be a part of this organization. It makes it easy for me to have a winter break at the end of every year.” — Suna Sibi, Development Engineer

“At ASG, I have a great work life balance where I can work and still go on walks during the day with my wife and new puppy, Obi!” — Jacob Keith, Marketing and Communications Specialist