Based in downtown Indianapolis, ASG thrives within the epicenter of Indiana’s life sciences and biotech industries.

ASG’s Indianapolis headquarters affords close proximity to leading manufacturers in the life sciences, biotech, and pharmaceutical and medical device industries. This makes it convenient for our clients to reach us, and it positions us nicely within an ever-expanding industry hub.

Indianapolis is home to the world headquarters for Eli Lilly and Co. and is the North American headquarters of Roche Diagnostics. And Indiana ranks ninth in the U.S. for bioscience-related patents granted (per 1 million population).*

Our employees enjoy traveling to our office in downtown Indianapolis, a destination buzzing with attractions, amenities and eateries. The city offers unlimited restaurants and shopping options for employees who wish to lunch or shop during their midday break. Events and activities are staged around Monument Circle year-round, but especially during warmer seasons.

Nestled within the block-long beige and hunter-green Stutz Building, ASG shares the 400,000-foot complex with more than 150 other businesses. The Stutz maintains a reputation as an incubator for startups and creatives all under one roof.

The Stutz is just a block from the exits of interstates 65 and 70. We can be easily accessed by highway, city streets, from the IndyGo Red Line bus line or even on foot, for those who live in The Mile Square.

Learn about how you can visit us and where we’re located in the Stutz Building.

  • Top 10
    Indy's ranking among U.S. cities to start a new career**
  • No. 5
    Indianapolis’s national ranking for employment in the U.S. drug and pharmaceutical industry
*Investment, Innovation and Job Creation in a Growing U.S. Bioscience Industry, TEConomy/BIO, 2018; **Based on cost of living; Time Magazine
Indianapolis skyline
ASG boasts amazing views from The Stutz Building’s only rooftop patio, which we greatly enjoy for staff gatherings.