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New Frontiers: Introducing ASG Europe and Jason McGlynn

ASG is excited to announce its expansion across the pond with the launch of ASG Europe Ltd.  “With ASG Europe, we’re extending our commitment to client success,” said ASG Co-Founder, Principal and… Read More

Going Euro for Biocompatibility

Curiosity is one of the core tenets of ASG’s One Team culture. The company encourages team members’ desire to learn and grow by supporting learning opportunities and creating forums where they can… Read More

Knowledge (Management) Is Power

ASG Co-Founder, Principal and Senior Consultant Doug Koeneman has always been interested in how things work. It’s his approach to making things work better that sets ASG apart. As both an engineer… Read More

New Medical Device Quality Rules Are on the Way from the FDA

In case you haven’t heard, the FDA recently updated its Quality System Regulation/Medical Device Good Manufacturing Process. The changes are slated to take effect Feb. 2, 2026. The FDA reports that on… Read More

Happy to Help

At ASG, interests and talents run the gamut. Each member of the ASG Team brings unique assets when it comes to serving clients. Some of them play music while others are interested… Read More

ASG’s Doug Koeneman on Interoperability and Cybersecurity

Interoperability refers to the ability of different systems and devices to exchange and use information effectively. In the context of health care, it involves the flow of information between various health care… Read More

Outsmarting the Brain

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne, Germany, have unveiled a connection between the anti-obesity drug liraglutide and cognitive function.  This discovery, which highlights the intricate relationship between… Read More

4 Ways to Build Dynamic Teams

Meet Suna Sibi, one of ASG’s technical project managers, whose talent helps satisfy ASG clients and inspire the team she leads. “Suna’s perceptions are always on target,” said Onna Koeneman, ASG quality… Read More

Good Culture: A Chat with ASG Social Chair Ryan Straughn

You know a company has an awesome culture when employees invite their friends to work there. It’s also a good sign when employees are eager to help drive that culture forward. ASG… Read More

Polymer Power Unleashed

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart have realized the capabilities of switchable polymer materials, signifying a new era in medical device technology development. These adaptable polymers hold great potential to alter the… Read More

The Value of Virtual Product Testing

Today there’s a safe and efficient way to test medical devices and products without physically touching them. Engineers, programmers, scientists and designers can test products by creating computer models and analyzing simulations. According to… Read More

From Lego Bricks to Medical Machinery

Process Mechanical Engineer Javier Delgado joined ASG last year, and he’s already learned a lot about engineering research, NFC technology, and Automation Engineering. His path to an engineering career began in childhood… Read More

The Cutting Edge of Patient Care

The Internet of Things is made up of smart devices connected to a network. If you have a smartwatch or smart thermostat, you’re already plugged into it. Edge computing is a strategy… Read More

Cultivating Curiosity

At ASG, we have an enduring desire to learn and grow. That’s why curiosity is one of our core values. “We want our employees to be curious,” said Onna Koeneman, quality risk… Read More

Researchers Harness Biomaterials to Revolutionize Tissue Healing

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have recently developed a new type of biomaterial that has the potential to revolutionize the field of tissue engineering. This new material is capable… Read More

Family Business: A Chat with Austen Metzger

Austen Metzger began his ASG career as an intern. Now, he’s a full-time project manager. In this Q&A, Austen talks about how he made the journey to his current role and how… Read More

She’s Electric: Or Is It Just Her Pills?

A group of researchers from Chalmers University recently made a material breakthrough presenting a new opportunity in the development of biomedicines. Biomedicines are created from live cells and are used, among other… Read More

An Unexpected Journey: Criminology, Engineering and Fatherhood

Jason Schnaus brings an array of useful skills to the ASG team. The criminology major and father of two also earned a degree in construction management. Now he uses his skills to… Read More

Virtual Therapy: From Stress to Strength

Just last year the CDC estimated 41.5% of adults in the United States had symptoms of anxiety or a depressive disorder. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America found that 56% of… Read More

A Thoughtful Approach to Engineering and Life

Krista Gearhart is a successful, published engineer and patent owner. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, she graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a… Read More

Safer Sterilization: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Sterilizing Medical Devices

Sterilizing medical devices is vital to helping prevent serious infections. Ethylene oxide (EtO), a gas that penetrates the sterile barrier of a product to eliminate harmful microorganisms, is used to sterilize more… Read More

Jacob’s New Groove: The Value of Service in Peru

At ASG, we give priority to enriching the lives of others. So much so that service is one of our core values. In their personal lives, several ASG employees devote free time… Read More

Emotional Rescue: Leadership Tips from a Former Intern

Never underestimate the power of listening. I’m in law school now, but before that I had seven jobs and three internships, and I’ve made sure to take something away from each one.… Read More

Mouse vs. Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Animal Testing

Can animal testing be replaced by artificial intelligence? Recent research suggests it could. The National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) has published a report that shows great potential for high-quality gene profiles… Read More

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