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Robots Don’t Get Sick

For businesses and manufacturing companies worried COVID-19 infecting workers and halting progress, robotics and automation are looking better all the time. A shift to automation could help prevent interruptions and overcome labor… Read More

The Science of Safety

Rylan Wolfe is ASG’s resident expert in biocompatibility and the regulations that surround it. He’s also a specialist in injection molding and accelerated aging testing. Rylan’s background in chemistry and knowledge of… Read More

Hopeful news: Breakthrough medical devices may become an option for Medicare patients

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposes a rule to establish a Medicare Coverage of Innovative Technology pathway that would give Medicare patients access to the newest, most innovative medical… Read More

Making More Possible

At ASG, we’re committed to satisfying our clients in regulated industries by helping them bring their products to market. It’s what we do every day, but it’s not all we do. We… Read More

COVID-19 Testing

How synthetic genes help fight COVID-19

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) creates standards that support technologies – both large and small – and scientists and engineers across the nation rely on its measurements. Now, NIST… Read More

The Impact of Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is experiencing great technological advances in areas like digital processing and design. Industry 4.0 has introduced 3D printing and additive manufacturing for prototyping, augmented reality for designing, and the… Read More

Led by Logic

When you talk to ASG Engineer Tanner White about philosophy, his usually reserved personality disappears. This Rose-Hulman grad with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in philosophy and religion enjoys… Read More

Interconnected Innovation

Geodesic domes and spheres are built from geometric shapes that evenly distribute stress. Spaceship Earth in Disney’s Epcot is one example. So are structures you may have seen on playgrounds. At ASG,… Read More

Risk Management in the New Normal

Michael Kolias is vice president for QAD, a provider of flexible, cloud-based enterprise resource software and services for global manufacturers. He believes that prioritizing risk, updating information technology systems, developing a contingency… Read More

Coping with Scope

Scope change happens. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But when scope change becomes scope creep, projects suffer. ASG Engineer Matt Gum knows all about it. He’s managed scope creep on dozens of projects. In… Read More

The COVID-19 Problems That Will Force Manufacturing to Innovate

The pandemic will change how and where we manufacture, but reality has not yet caught up with necessity. COVID-19 has created challenges that require manufacturers to innovate faster than ever before. Entrepreneur… Read More

Doug Koeneman Bench

Mentoring the Next Generation

Doug Koeneman, ASG’s co-founder, principal and senior consultant, believes in supporting and cultivating young, motivated employees.  At ASG, he makes it a practice to hire engineers, schedulers and program managers with open… Read More

BiPAP Ventilator

Innovation at Work: Converting BiPAP Machines to Ventilators in New York

After scavenging for parts and 3D printing new ones, a team of NYC medical professionals successfully converted a sleep apnea device into a ventilator that can be used on patients with COVID-19.… Read More

Perspective on a Pandemic: How the coronavirus pandemic has affected ASG and brought our clients and industry closer together

Perspective on a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and live. Workers in all areas have new routines and protocols designed to prevent the spread of the virus. That includes ASG and… Read More

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Our New Website

Thank you for stopping in. Take your time and feel free to look around. We’ve been working on our new ASG website for the past few months, and we’re excited about the… Read More

Doug Koeneman

Meet Our Leader: Doug Koeneman

Living abroad and working throughout the world for more than 30 years, ASG Principal and Senior Consultant Doug Koeneman has put to good use his MBA in international business and his engineering… Read More

Regulatory Focus: FDA Delays Release of Several Proposed Rulemakings

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its latest regulatory agenda announcing the delays of several proposed rulemakings, including its proposed rulemaking… Read More

Ethylene Oxide molecule

FDA Reports Concerns with Medical Device Availability Due to Sterilization Facility Closures

With the recent closure of a large ethylene oxide sterilization facility in Illinois (Sterigenics), the temporary closure of another large Sterigenics facility in Georgia, and the potential closure of a large Becton… Read More

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