Welcome to Our New Website

Thank you for stopping in. Take your time and feel free to look around. We’ve been working on our new ASG website for the past few months, and we’re excited about the renovations.

“Refurbing a website it a lot like refurbishing a piece of machinery,” says Co-founder, Principal and Senior Consultant Doug Koeneman. “The framework may hold potential; it just needs to be refined. On our new site, everyone can see what ASG has to offer clients and why the people on our team genuinely like working here.”

ASG approached the website as it would any client’s pain points: Identify problems, then find the most efficient means of correcting them.

Our new website demonstrates what we do (see Services), what our customers think of our work (see Clients) and who we are (see Team). It also offers a peek into our company’s atmosphere (see Culture) and why our team members enjoy the work they perform.

If you’re looking for support with process management in a regulated industry, we’re pleased that you joined us for our “open house,” too. We would love to get to know you and your business better and talk about how we can help.

What’s behind the new site

“We realized we had gotten busy with our day-to-day operations, and though we knew our jobs and our clients knew us, when we met with potential new hires, they weren’t exactly sure what we did as an organization,” says Koeneman. “It became clear that we needed to take a page from our own playbook and determine a strategic solution.”

He says ASG leadership approached its website as they would any client’s pain points: Discover what the problem is, define how it affects the organization, and then determine the most efficient means of correcting it without losing its original intent. “We kept what worked and strategically rewrote and redesigned what didn’t. And then we seamlessly incorporated the changes to introduce this new and improved website. Soon we’ll become more visible on social media as well,” says Koeneman.

Stop by and see us

Please come back and visit often. You are always welcome, as are your friends and clients, potential clients and co-workers. In the coming weeks you’ll see us at many other social (media) gatherings. We’re proud of our team, our company and the services we provide, and we want others to see what we can do.