Keeping Patients and their Information Safe from Cyberthreats

How the FDA is working to keep medical devices cyber secure

As technology advances, ensuring cybersecurity in medical devices becomes more and more important. Technologies like implanted heart devices and glucose meters that can be monitored remotely are more vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. The recently published FDA discussion papers outline the work the FDA is doing to reduce these risks by communicating with manufacturers, hospitals, patients and other government agencies.

“ASG is beginning to see the impacts of cybersecurity with connected devices,” says Doug Koeneman, ASG co-founder, principal and senior consultant. Medical device manufacturers like the ones ASG serves refer to international standards to protect patients and their personal information. Being proactive by disclosing vulnerabilities and finding ways to address them helps to ensure cybersecurity and patient safety.

This article on cybersecurity and medical devices outlines the FDA discussion papers and how they apply in the health care and medical device community.

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