Managing Change

To effectively manage change, organizations must be agile and prepared. We help you navigate change in a systematic way.

Your success depends on your ability to out-change the competition and the marketplace. To effectively manage change, you must be both nimble and prepared to approach it proactively and reactively. Striking a balance between agility and reliability, we help guide teams working in regulated industries develop dynamic operations and better self-sufficiency. Our holistic approach provides precisely the amount of technical resources needed, without compromising your preferred practices.

We help you weave agility throughout the fabric of your business. This helps you and your team fine-tune your ability to:

  • Approach change both proactively and reactively
  • Set and manage change priorities effectively
  • Plan, prepare for, and initiate change in a systematic way
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with change
  • Make both strategic and operational decisions better and faster
  • Develop and implement fully supportive human capital strategies and tactics
  • Rapidly deploy new capabilities and capacities
  • Eliminate silos and achieve high degrees of cross-organizational collaboration and teamwork

Truly agile organizations build on a foundation of stable organizational features that ground their change activities. We help you hone and reinforce your stability by:

  • Identifying your primary structure, which is often functional
  • Defining employee anchors for coaching, training and career development
  • Following predictable governance processes defining both big-picture and cross-organizational decision-making
  • Creating a backbone of standardized key or “signature” organizational processes that competitors find hard to replicate
  • Using an organizational scorecard that cascades from strategic targets and integrates performance along both structural and cross-organizational dimensions
  • Envisioning and creating a systematic and unified picture of organizational success
  • 70%
    People who reported that change management had a positive impact on employee engagement
  • 6X
    Increased likelihood of meeting objectives with enhanced change management
Source: Prosci Best Practices in Change Management, 2018 Edition
Serving in the role of cost controller, I’m providing a needed service to clients. Helping them prepare a budget and assisting with documenting costs and change management can ensure a project is successful.

Beth F., Cost Controller