We collaborate with clients in regulated industries to seamlessly orchestrate complex projects.

A Holistic Approach

Our team guides you through assessments and strategic planning to help you create a quality culture through all stages of your projects. Our holistic approach to process development provides precisely the amount of technical resources you need, without compromising your preferred practices. Whether you specialize in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device engineering or another regulated industry, it’s still your business and your project, except better.

Working Better Together

We help drive the process. It's our goal to help clients with everything from determining user needs to budget and cost control to product validation.

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Our Services


Your success depends on your ability to outchange the competition and the marketplace. We’ll help you strike a balance between agility and reliability — and guide your teams to develop dynamic operations and better self-sufficiency.


When you align your people and culture with your business strategy and get everyone working toward the same goal, you’re poised to achieve levels of performance that make a powerful impact on your customers and marketplace.


Using a systems engineering approach, our engineers and technical experts will help guide you to develop and execute a structured process. We help ensure your systems are scalable, robust, well controlled and in compliance.


Built on lean principles that improve efficiency and reduce costs, our holistic methods provide as little or as much support as is needed. We make time to understand your business, eliminate your pain points and ensure your success.

Consulting beyond Complexities

At ASG, we know the value of time, agility and teamwork and how an imbalance of any of these can cause projects to go sideways. We’re here to steer your operations on track.

Using a systems engineering approach, our team of support professionals is dedicated to the successful design, development, testing, validation and installation of the high-volume equipment required to manufacture, assemble and package drug-delivery systems in the quantities necessary for clients to meet their marketplace objectives and strategic goals.

We prepare schedules and establish metrics to ensure your projects stay on track. We help develop capital and expense budgets to keep your costs on target. And our risk-management experts assess uncertainties and provide the tools to prevent them.

  • No. 1
    Ranking of poor communication among reasons for strategy implementation failure
  • 28X
    Money saved by organizations that use proven project management practices
Sources: Source: Bridges Business Consultancy Strategy Implementation Survey, 2016; Source: Bridges Business Consultancy Strategy Implementation Survey, 2016