5 Reasons Why ASG is a Great Place to Work

At ASG, we’re serious about the work we do, and we seriously enjoy our jobs. Everything we do is intentional and important. We’re passionate about our business and the industries we serve, and we work to support our clients and employees. ASG really is a great place to work! Here are five reasons why.

Our structure empowers us.

The geodesic dome you see on the ASG logo symbolizes the company’s organizational structure, philosophy and values. Just like the dome, each component of the ASG team is necessary and valued, and each bears equal weight. We’re not hierarchical.

“We don’t see one single person as being superior or inferior to another,” says ASG Engineer Suna Sibi. “We work as interconnected units to achieve a unified goal as an organization.”

Also like the dome, the ASG team can handle a lot of pressure. Our team sustains and strengthens itself because all the pieces are interconnected and rely on one another. When a client hires us to work on a project, they’re not just tapping into the expertise of the team we assign to that project. They’re hiring the entirety of ASG and the expertise of all our team members.

Mentorship and training are part of our culture.

Both our clients and our company benefit when our employees learn new skills. That’s why ASG invests in the personal and professional growth of each of our team members. Our leaders believe in hiring experienced experts who can pass on their knowledge to young workers.

“Our seasoned mentors have a passion for technology and for sharing their knowledge with others,” says Doug Koeneman, ASG co-founder, principal and senior consultant. “We mentor and develop our people in an intentional way. It’s the best way to teach.”

ASG empowers employees to use their talents, encouraging them to gain experience and skills in the process. We foster a culture of learning and teamwork that makes work fun, even when the work is challenging.

We say “no” to pigeonholing.

No one benefits from being stuck in a stagnant position. We want our employees to diversify their skills and thrive.

“At ASG they let you figure out what you’re good at,” says ASG Program Manager Jason Schnaus. “They don’t stick you in a silo — they let you branch out. There’s a lot of room to grow.”

ASG employees get to try new things every day. “I get a lot of opportunities to do the technical work I love, while also doing project management and getting experience on the business side of things,” says Emma Latimer, an engineer who specializes in injection molding.

Offering opportunities to build diverse experiences and skills makes our team well-rounded. “You’re encouraged to ask questions, share your skills and ideas, and feel supported,” Emma said.

We’re solutionists.

At ASG, we make strategy a priority. It’s all about understanding where the client is, where the client wants to go and how to get them there.

ASG Engineer Logan Metzger likens our way of working to systems engineering. “It isn’t just looking at the small details of an individual problem but understanding how it plays into a larger picture. If we understand the whole problem, we can provide a whole solution.”

The next step is to solve the problem by developing strategies and tactics in a holistic way before we put them to work.

This holistic approach incorporates the unique methods and ideas of our diverse set of team members. For example, Tanner White, a program manager and systems engineer, uses his background in philosophy to approach tasks with logic tools like thought experiments. It’s his own unique way of thinking through problems and leading his team to success.

We’re small, successful and growing.

At a small company like ASG, team members are more likely to have close relationships with all staff ­­— not just those on their immediate team. Our employees often work on multiple projects, which allows them to collaborate with people on different teams with different backgrounds. Working for a smaller company also allows employees to develop a deeper understanding of the business and how their role contributes to its success.

At a small company like ASG, the leaders really invest in your personal growth, Emma says. “They’re really invested in you as an engineer, and they want your career to evolve into what you want it to be.”

ASG is growing and evolving too. Doug Koeneman attributes ASG’s growth to its clients and the company’s ability to support them by solving problems. “The range of things we do is wide, and the expertise is deep,” Doug says, adding that ASG’s overall growth rate is just about 20 percent.

The ASG team expects to grow by 25 percent next year. “Working for a growing company, keeps our outlook positive, because things are always moving forward and progressing,” says ASG Co-Owner and Quality Risk Manager Onna Koeneman. “Our work environment reflects all the good things happening on our team and with our clients.”